A Tale of Two Companies

“I am convinced that there are only two types of companies: those that have been hacked and those that will be.”

-Robert Mueller, Former FBI Director

Don't Let Limited Visibility Hold You Hostage

Ongoing Vigilance

Security is live warfare with daily ongoing battles, not a single point-in-time event.


of breaches had a financial or espionage motive.

Number of Confirmed Security Incidents in 2015


of Data Breaches involved weak, default or stolen passwords

Security Operations

An effective Information Security unit starts with a high level look at the business, reviewing goals, objectives, milestones, benchmarks and risk to ensure success of the business. Based on this understanding of the business’ principals and goals, the team can then begin to formulate a strategy to protect the business. This business focused approach then flows down into each layer of the organization and drives processes and procedures. As a result, each layer of the team—from CISO to Security Engineer to Security Analyst—plays an integral role in protecting and supporting the overall business.

Assessment & Strategy

Security and risk assessment, and strategy development provide the groundwork to move your organization from the current state to more mature, effective security posture while lowering risk to acceptable levels.

Design & Deploy

The design and deployment of an organizations security architecture is critical to ensuring the overall strategy of the organization is implemented and addressed.

Management & Awareness

Ongoing management of the security infrastructure and systems along with education of human resources significantly increases the effectiveness of an organizations security program, strategy and systems.

About Five Iron

Five Iron is an Information Security company built to deliver exceptional quality and value to our clients. Our team has extensive experience in the security field and have a known track record within the industry. Our leadership team and staff hold multiple industry certifications including CISSP, RSA Incident Response, Certified Ethical Hacker, and others.

We have depth of knowledge in IT networking and infrastructure, and communicate effectively with existing infrastructure teams in order to minimize disruption and maximize response. In addition, we have significant experience with SOX, HIPAA, PCI, and SSAE16 compliance requirements and audits.

Our seasoned and expert staff understands what is at stake—the future and success of your company is largely dependent on the technology we support, and we are built to ensure your future looks bright.

Cybersecurity News

macOS RAT Uses 0-Day for Root Access

A new remote access tool (RAT) targeting macOS and believed to be using an unpatched 0-day vulnerability to gain root access on target machines, is currently being advertised on underground markets. Dubbed Proton, the RAT was found on a closed Russian cybercrime...

Reflecting on Davos: Responsible Leadership and Automation

Over the past week at the World Economic Forum Annual Meeting in Davos, Switzerland, I was fortunate enough to meet and participate in sessions with numerous leaders from business, government and academia from all over the world. As I mentioned in my last post, this...

Davos Notes: Cybersecurity Must Keep Pace with Fintech Innovation

In today’s digitally connected world, it seems many have an increasingly myopic view, as it’s all too easy to get caught up in what’s important to individuals instead of collective needs. As such it was very interesting to attend a CNBC debate session at the World...

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